RubyHiroba 2013, the play field for Rubyists — June 2

RubyHiroba 2013 is a single day, multi-tracked(it’ll be 3 - 4 tracks, we hope) Ruby related event which will be held in downtown Tokyo, in front of Shinagawa St. on the day after RubyKaigi 2013 — June 2.

Hiroba(広場) means ‘play field’ in Japanese. You rubyists can find many chances to hang out, join some workshop, tutorial, BOF, give a lightning talk and talk to awesome rubyist come from all around the world!

RubyHiroba is free to join! it’s totally supported by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. <3

If your company is also interested to support this event, please drop us a line to 2013 at rubykaigi dot org. We’re planning to ready some sponsor packages for RubyHiroba 2013 (it’ll be independent with RubyKaigi 2013’s).


Programming for Designer & Design for Programmer workshop.

More info


Lightning Talk Hackathon

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dRuby Hiroba

Hands-on toRuby sponsored

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RailsGirls, More! extended.

Rails tutorial for Rails Beginner Girls.

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We will have open space for community booth or Project booth for Ruby relate activity.

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RubyHiroba 2013 is FREE event but you have to register your info via!!